Making a change from a regular plastic bottle to a reusable water bottle comes with many different perks. But you could regret this eco-friendly change if you or your little one could experience water that smells or taste bad. But just with few tips, anyone can prevent this from happening while saving money and environment with a reusable water bottle.

BPA free

BPA is a chemical that could possibly be in a plastic water bottle and can ultimately result in not only an awful taste or smell but can also lead towards a hospital bill as well. Therefore, choosing a drinking bottle that is BPA free is a must for everyone. Recently, experts and researchers have suggested to not consume any liquid from bottles with recycling codes 3 and 7 as they may contain this harmful toxin in them. Furthermore, choosing a water bottle that is made out of food grain silicone (FDA) is not only a smart but also is a healthy choice. 

Keeping it clean

When we decide to purchase one water bottle over another, we tend to consider different factors such as the drinking bottle having an easy drink access and being leak proof. However, it is also important to choose a bottle that will be easy and simple to clean and won’t collect bacteria. Having a reusable bottle that is dishwasher safe and that you can easily put in a dishwasher overnight and not having to worry about it losing its shape or color is a great advantage and something that is highly recommended. That way, it won’t take away from your personal time and washing the bottle every day in the dishwasher will surely keep it clean and healthy for your little ones.

Taking care of straws and lids.

Reusable water bottles that come with a straw can be a gathering place for bacteria and other potentially harmful toxins. Having said, investing into a squeezable bottle without a straw is something that is highly recommended. However, if you do have a reusable water bottle with a straw, purchasing a cleaning brush is a must. With a regular dish soap, warm water, and a small specialized cleaning brush all of the bacterial and dirt that can accumulate in the straw will be washed away quickly. Another helpful tip is putting the straw and the lid of the bottle into the mix of water and vinegar as an extra step to ensure the cleanness of the bottle.

Other helpful tips

Here are some extra tips that will ensure the cleanliness of your kids water bottle:

  1. Not sharing the bottle with any other kids, doing this will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.
  2. Soaking the bottle and its parts in a hydrogen peroxide for several minute. This will hopefully kill any remaining bacteria that can accumulate over time.
  3. Washing the bottle daily will also prevent any bacteria from developing which is highly important.


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