Saving money, reducing the ecological footprint, and making your life just a bit easier are just some of the benefits when it comes to investing in a reusable water bottle for your little one. As the “back to school shopping” season is right around the corner, the topic of which water bottle to choose is a great topic of discussion.  

A Healthy Choice.

First of all, the most important task when it comes to choosing your next kids water bottle is making sure that it’s free from any harmful toxins that not only result in terribly awful smells but could also potentially be a catalyst for a hospital bill as well. Thus, having a kids water bottle that is BPA free and doesn’t have too many chemicals is a must!

Getting your money worth.

A sports water bottle, just like any other item you will be purchasing, is an investment that you want to last for as long as possible. Therefore, choosing a drinking bottle that is made out of scratch-free material and that won’t break from just a few drops on a hard concrete floor is something that will definitely make your money worth and will be used for a long time. 

Going back to the topic of getting your money worth, staying away from stainless steel bottles is something that I personally choose to do. Although in begging it may seem like a good option, after a few falls and scratches it will be rapidly stored away in your kitchen with at least 5 more of stainless steel bottles that you don’t want to take out of your home but also don’t want to throw away because you just bought it a couple of weeks ago. Having said that, choosing a water bottle that is made from durable (FDA approved) Food Grade Silicone, that is BPA free, is something that I would highly recommend doing. 

What material are bottles made?

Furthermore, one of the main negative consequences that comes with having a stainless steel bottle is it not being dishwasher safe. Although we may not realize it, we highly depend on dishwashers in our daily lives, therefore, a bottle that is made from food grain silicone will fit into your life perfectly. Not to mention that it also won’t lose its color or shape from hot water which is a major benefit as well. Brining up a topic of washing your bottle, a bottle made out of glass may seem like a smart option since its dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins. However, it will simply not last the test of time in the hands of your child due to its fragility.

Smart Functionality.

Another important factor to consider is the functionality of the drinking bottle. Whether your child is in the classroom, participating in an after-school sport or a club, or simply is on a go; having a water bottle that has easy access to his or her drink is definitely an important detail to remember. From personal experience, the Spout Top lid in conjunction with the bottle being squeezable is the best choice as not only does it permit easy access but also eliminates any potential leaks which could be quite problematic especially during school hours. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about a squeezable water bottle shattering everywhere or losing its color in the dishwasher. 

Based on the attentive analysis, one must consider the following criteria when purchasing the perfect kids water bottle

Healthy & Safe: 100% BPA Free, Non –Toxic, Hypoallergenic. Food Grade Silicone.

Durable: Completely Shatterproof.  Scratch-Proof. Does Not lose the color from the use.

 Easy to Use: Squeezable Bottle/Spout Top lid, Wide Mouth Lid. Dishwasher Safe.

No Leaks.

Perfect Compact Size & Lightweight

 Unique Functionality- Foldable Ability of the Bottle.

After personally browsing through hundreds of different options on various online shopping platforms, I was able to stumble across this uniquely collapsible water bottle and sports ball-shaped water bottle that not only fits all of the earlier discussed criteria’s but also seems like a fun and unique cup for your child to have and show off to his or her friends on the first day of school. This is something that I personally decided to purchase sports water bottle for both my son and my daughter, knowing that it will last a long time and will be a healthy choice.