V&I Pro Innovation has released the new 2019 edition of its revolutionary bottle that is both ball-shaped and collapsible. The bottle has been quickly attracting the attention of parents and children for its design, durability, and commitment to materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

This new line of water bottles has received praise from parents and consumer advocates for its durable design and manufacturing standards that put safety first. The 2019 edition is eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for adults and children alike. It is non-allergic, 100% BRA free, and made from FDA approved food-grade silicone that is durable enough to not break, lose shape, or discolor after repeated uses. Parents and other consumers can watch in comfort as their child, or themselves, enjoys their favorite drinks in their new favorite bottle.
The bottle features a one-click flip, wide mouth lid for quick access. While also foldable and shock proof by design, the bottle can sustain falls and wear-and-tear while successfully preventing leaks. Manufactured from lightweight silicone, it is perfect for travel or outdoor activities where something that is compact, yet secure, becomes quickly desirable. In a collapsed state you can easily store the bottle, and around 7oz of liquid, in a bag or backpack. You can even store it on the outside of a bag with a carabiner hook, all while avoiding spills or damage.
Suited for both hot and cold drinks, and safe for use in a refrigerator or microwave, the new bottle is perfect for any situation. It’s perfect for time at the park and makes a great companion for children’s lunches or their favorite activities. It could even be used as an improvised squirt gun, if needed.
It’s ball-shaped design has caught the attention of parents and kids at every turn. Children are passionate about sports and activities but finding a water bottle that they can take pride in, while staying safe, has been difficult until now. For the first time, children can express their passions for sports like basketball or soccer through their bottles and set themselves apart from their peers.